Thursday, April 21, 2022

Very Brief Blog: Two Medical Policy Articles in NEJM: TCET/CESTI and Metric Myopia

Highlighting two medical policy articles in NEJM for weekend reading.

Metric Myopia

Rosenbaum discusses "Metric Myopia," are we setting up and excessively emphasizing single rewarded metrics for a way that is net counter productive for overall health outcomes?   (And it's one more in a long history of articles on exactly this topic).  Find it here.


Mathews et al. discuss "Governance of Emerging Technologies in Health and Medicine" -  something that has been front and center at CMS, with debates about policies like "MCIT, Medicare Coverage for Innovative Technology" and "TCET, Transitional Coverage for Emerging Technology."  The NEJM article has a fairly long discussion then pivots to pointing the reader to a new emerging technology workgroup at National Academy of Medicine.  

See NEJM here.  

See "CESTI" at National Academy of Medicine, here.  (Committee on Emerging [medical] Science Technology & Innovation."  The initial announcement of CESTI goes back to January 2020.  It may have been derailed by COVID.   Getting back in the spotlight, CESTI has just held a workshop on April 14-15, 2022.  And, there's a current public comment page, a little vague, but open til about May 1, here.