Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Very Brief Blog; Duke/Stanford Release 78-page Deck, Meeting Summary, Video on TCET

Medicare's new logo for future programs for innovative technology is TCET, Transitional Coverage for Emerging Technology.  This is intended to replace MCIT, Medicare Coverage for Innovative Technology, a Trump program for breakthrough devices that was canceled by the new administration.  Note that while MCIT was a defined program and regulation that was complete, the TCET is just an "idea" or a "brand" for an unknown basket of things CMS may do in the future.  

The Duke Margolis Center and the Stanford Center for Biodesign held a workshop on the topic on March 29, preceding a CMS call on the topic on March 31.  Duke/Stanford have now release:

  • A 78-page deck used in the meeting
  • A 2-page meeting summary.
  • A 2-hour YouTube meeting video.

Find it all here:


Tidbit: This links to the Duke Margolis health policy center channel at YouTube, which may have other videos you'll find of interest.