Monday, April 18, 2022

Very Brief Blog: AMA CPT's "APPENDIX S" - Artificial Intelligence Taxonomy

I think this may have slipped by me in the fall of 2021.

The CPT 2022 code book has "Appendix R," which is a two-page, 10-column table of Digital Medicine code categories.

TO late for the 2022 code book, but online at the AMA website, see "Appendix S," which is a two-page, multi-category taxonomy of "artificial intelligence for medical services and procedures."

Find the AMA page for the project here.  This webpage includes a brief summary of the aim and result.

Find the 2-page "AI" PDF taxonomy here:

Related - as part of a project today, I learned that the CPT code 0691T, which is autonomous classification of bone mass and fractures, is classified by CMS as "not payable" in the hospital outpatient setting (OPPS APC Appendix B, for insiders).   

0691T is an unpriced code in the 2022 physician fee schedule tables for Part B, and there, 0691T set up to take a -TC and -26 modifier, and policy appears to be left to contractors.  See a July 2021 trade journal article about 0691T here.