Friday, April 1, 2022

Very Brief Blog: AMA Issues April 1 Newly Created PLA Codes

 AMA releases Proprietary Laboratory Analysis (PLA) codes quarterly, and the April 1 codes are out on time.

Find the PLA home page here.  Find the April new codes here.

There are 9 new codes released April 1.  (For comparison, 17 were released on December 30.)

Basically, AMA reports PLA codes in two places.  The first is in the annual codebook, for each calendar year.   Second, AMA keeps a rolling tally of NEW PLA codes, too new to be in the current printed book.  This appear in a PDF file that grows quarter by quarter, until it is cut down when a new annual codebook appears.

Next - AMA takes PLA applications due April 5, and will post them by mid-April for public comment, and finalize them at the May 2022 AMA CPT meeting.  Generally, those codes have always appeared in the June CMS crosswalk/gapfill meetings for pricing.