Thursday, April 30, 2020

Very Brief Blog: Vinay Prasad Publishes Book on Oncology "Hype"; See Also New Book on Pharma Price Inflation

For several years, Vinay Prasad has been one of the most outspoken voices that oncology trials lack enough data before FDA approval and prices are too high (the issues being related - Prasad asserts, too often a high price for a thinly-validated drug).  In large part, he's skeptical on accelerated approvals.

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See his webpage here.  Follow him on Twitter here.

See a 2018 profile of Dr. Prasad at NPR, here.  (See also NPR on accelerated approvals, 2019, here.)

In 2017, he received a $2M  donation from the Arnold Foundation to research ineffective healthcare (here).  Concurrently, Arnold Foundation donated $14M to ICER.

For some recent PubMed citations, pairing "Prasad V" with keyword "oncology," click here.  For example, see "The Evidence Landscape in Precision Medicine," Sci Transl Med April 22, 2020, here.

Precision Medicine Horizon Scan: Prasad's New Book

As of April 21, 2020, he has a new book out, "Malignant: How Bad Policy and Bad Evidence Harm People with Cancer" - Johns Hopkins University Press.  JHU here, Amazon here.

Some soundbites include: "This is a book about how the actions of human beings—our policies, our standards of evidence, and our drug regulation—incentivize the pursuit of marginal or unproven therapies at lofty and unsustainable prices. [And Prasad] critiques the financial conflicts of interest that pervade the oncology field, the pharmaceutical industry, and the US Food and Drug administration."


This is Prasad's second book; see also "Ending Medical Reversal," Prasad & Cifu, Johns Hopkins, 2015.  Here.


Feldman on Biopharma Price Inflation

On similar themes, see 2019, Robin Feldman, "Drugs, Money, Secret Handshakes: The Unstoppable Growth of Prescription Drug Prices," [Cambridge University Press], here.  Focus includes PBMs.

Feldman also produced 2017, "Drug Wars: How Big Pharma Raises Prices and Keeps Generics Off the Market," [Cambridge University Press, Feldman & Frondorf] here.

Feldman is a Professor of Law at Hastings Law School / Berkeley.  She also published "Rethinking Patent Law," in 2012 (Harvard University Press), on patent litigation, patent trolling, and possible improvements.