Thursday, April 9, 2020

MAC Track: 99% of Noridian Staff Can Work From Home

Getting ready for a client call today, I went to the Noridian JF/Part B website here.  I searched for COVID - search yourself or try here.   There were 32 hits.  Many were copies of CMS instructions and updates regarding COVID.  

But here's an interesting one, dated March 23.  Noridan says normally, half of their employees telecommute, and by now, with COVID, 99% do.   Copied below.

A message from Noridian on COVID-19 and business continuity 

Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC remains committed to its role in supporting essential functions for the Medicare FFS and Medicaid programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week we moved 900 employees to temporary work from home. With nearly half of our employee base telecommuting already, we were very prepared for that move. Our process was organized, controlled, and phased to provide for continuity of business operations and the safety of our employees. Today 99 percent of our employees are work-from-home. Each of our office locations is closed, and access to those is restricted to a handful of employees with an approved business need. Those employees are operating under CDC recommended social distancing. We will continue to perform our work with quality and care.    Last Updated Mar 23, 2020