Friday, April 17, 2020

Very Brief Blog: Nature Publishes CRISPR Covid Detection Test

While the great majority of CRISPR news focuses directly on gene editing, there is a background line of research on CRISPR for molecular diagnostic tests.

This we ek in Nature Biotechnology, Broughton et al. (teams from UCSF and Mammoth Bio) publish a CRISPR-based COVID-19 detection method that is "a faster alternative to the CDC PCR assay" at "under 45 minutes" using lateral flow.

  • See new 8 page report at Nature Biotech here.
  • See the UCSF press release here.
  • See Mammoth's press release here.
    • Mammoth raised $45M in January 2020 here.
    • For a mid-March article on Mammoth and diagnostics at Forbes, here
  • See coverage at Genomeweb here.

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