Thursday, April 9, 2020

Margolis Center, McClellan, Gottlieb Release "National Testing Plan" for Serology, Back to Work

I mentioned in an April 7 blog that the American Enterprise Institute had released a 20 page "back to work plan" for reopening the US economy - entry point here.

New to me, on April 7, Gottlieb and a mix of same-and-different co-authors also released a 17 page "National COVID Surveillance System" under the auspices of the Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy.  See the 17 page white paper here.

-- See also the April 23 Rockefeller surveillance plan - here.

There's a lot of news flying around on April 9/10 on serology, with convergent articles getting headlines at LA Times, WSJ, and the Brit newspaper, The Guardian.   

LA Times here.
WSJ here.
Guardian here   
      Guardian raises concerns some not-so-good serology tests are being marketed.
Business Week on "immune certificates" here.
Politico on "immune certificates" (Fauci) here.
   Daily Wire on immune certificates, Bill Gates, Attny Genl Barr, here.
Business Insider on "immune certificates" in Germany here.

April 9/10, 2020