Thursday, April 2, 2020

Adaptive Biotechnologies Partners with AMGEN for COVID Therapies

A few weeks ago, I was impressed that Adaptive Biotechnologies had forged a new alliance with Microsoft (super-powered cloud technologies) and was openly seeking COVID-19 patient blood samples for research on immune system responses in an extremely complex, NGS-based way.   This was news on March 20 (entry point here).

Today, on April 2, Genomeweb runs and article that Adaptive has also forged an agreement with Amgen, to develop human antibody-based treatments (for example, neutralizing antibodies) - Genomeweb article open access here.

I've done some consulting for Adaptive from time to time, which raises my awareness of them.  But the big point here is, they started as a lab (send them a blood sample, they'll send you a ClonoSEQ report), also providing RUO reagents to researchers.    Here, now, Adaptive's state-of-the art sequencing core capabilities are deeply embedded in in the heart of therapeutics development, and not just as a companion diagnostic (which has become commonplace) but bringing the molecular biotechnology sequencing lab directly into the middle of the drug development process with one of the world's major biopharma firms.  (Adaptive also inked a deal a year ago with Genentech). 

It's a horrifying time, with the pandemic COVID, but it is a very exciting time to watch the evolution and brand new roles of NGS at the cutting edge of responses to the crisis.