Thursday, April 9, 2020

Very Brief Blog: Roger Klein MD JD Becomes Chief Medical Officer at Omniseq

Roger Klein, MD JD, has been appointed Chief Medical Officer of Omniseq, a lab company spun out from Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo and funded in part by investments from Labcorp.  Omniseq focuses on advanced sequencing technologies in oncology.

Press release hereAlso here.

Dr. Klein has been a very active member of AMP at the AMA CPT, at CMS, and other forums:
  • See his website here.  
  • Follow him on Twitter here.  
  • See a STAT article by Klein here.   See his page at Federal Society, here.
  • See a Manhattan Institute article by |Klein on COVID LDT overregulation (March 9) here.
  • See his 16-page declaration in the ACLU/AMP/Myriad BRCA Supreme Court patent case here.