Wednesday, April 8, 2020

AMA Has Briefly Posted 2nd Quarter PLA Codes for Comment

Each quarter, AMA takes PLA codes applications, and about ten days later, it briefly posts them for comment, prior (in this case) an April 22 workgroup meeting.

See the AMA PLA page here, see the (temporary) posting of PLA codes for this quarter, PDF currently here.   You can request a copy of a PLA application relevant to you, in order to comment by writing ahead of the April 22 workgroup.  Follow instructions on the website and PDF.  Based on another calendar webpage for PLA, the comment request deadline is April 17, but I recommend moving quickly if you want to comment.

There are 26 code applications.   2 are from Veracyte (AFIRMA brand), 4 are related to the DISCERN brand of Alzheimer fibroblast tests.  6 are high intensity sequencing (like exome/genome), but of those, four are branded Genomic Unity (the Variantyx company, Framingham, MA.) 

VelaDx applies for a code for its "Sentosa" HIV NGS test, there are two blood-group related tests, and the test Melody (see website, "Identify breast cancer through tears;" lacrimal fluid; here.)