Thursday, April 16, 2020

Very Brief Blog: Original Deck: White House, Reopening America (April 16)

On April 16, 2020, the White House held a press conference about re-opening America.

Press coverage is easy to find - CNN here.

Sometimes, it's more difficult or you have to click around several articles to find the source document(s), or you find a copy that's view-only.

In this case, I've put the 20 page source document (it's in deck format) as a PDF file in the cloud.
  • Find the 20 page source document in the cloud here.  Save it to disk, if you like.

The approach is to reopen states in phases - titled, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 - and in each phase, there are separate guidances for "individuals," and "employers," and "specific types of employers."

When New Yorkers, with nearly a thousand deaths a day, will gather again in crowded movie theaters or ballparks, shoulder to shoulder?  I can't guess.

Example: Phase 1

People:  Vulnerable individuals should shelter in place, maximize distances between people in parks as much as possible, and avoid socializing in groups greater than 10.   
Employers:  Should encourage telework, return to work "in phases," and accomadate vulnerable employees.
Special Employers:  Schools that are closed should remain so.  Visits to senior living homes should be prohibited (or strict protocols).  Gyms can reopen, but with strict distancing and sanitation. Bars remain closed.

Phase 2, for example, expands social crowds to "up to 50" rather than "up to 10."  And "non essential travel" can resume - if you really want to get on a plane for six hours.  Theaters and sports venues should use "moderate distancing protocols."  This latter rule continues in Phase 3.