Monday, October 22, 2018

Very Brief Blog: MolDx Deletes Its "Excluded Test" Spreadsheet (M00047)

The MolDx program has special webpages for "covered tests" and "excluded tests," in addition to those coverage decisions memorialized as LCDs.

For several years, at least, through October 2017, MolDx had an online Excel spreadsheet listing hundreds of "excluded tests."  This was their document M00047.   The most recently download I have is from October 2017; I wrote about the Excluded Tests policies in detail in January 2015 (my article here, cloud spreadsheet here.)

As of October 2018, MolDx does still have a webpage for an online collection of articles about "excluded tests."  Here.  However, this page no longer appears to display the excel spreadsheet M00047, which was many of hundreds of entries long.

All of the articles about excluded tests on today's MolDx website refer to articles in the CMS MAC article database, with CMS document numbers (such as "A53457.")  No spreadsheets.

The last version of the former spreadsheet that I have on file - 10/2017, "M00047, V15" - has some 1,200 entries naming excluded tests.  Some 600 were named examples of Tier 2 codes (within 81400-81408) that were non covered.

JPEG of October 2017 file copy of M00047 - no longer displayed by MolDx