Monday, October 1, 2018

Disruptive Headline: iPhone-based Ultrasound Raises $250M

We hear about the physiological capabilities of each new iPhone and AppleWatch, but here is a headline not to miss.   Butterly Network is a next-generation medtech company that has just raised $250M for a smartphone-based ultrasound device.  According to news reports, the company is valued at over $1B  Company website here.

See an open access article at Hartford Courant here.   Bloomberg here, Forbes here.  See an October 1 article in MedCityNews that digital health investments are running at record rates in 2018, here.

Follow-up January 2019 in MedCity, here.


Butterfly Effect - in a nonlinear system, a butterfly's fluttering wing could lead to a tornado - was coined by Konrad Lorenz; here.