Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Very Brief Blog: CAP Today Highlights Revenue Cycle Management

With the excitement of the World Series behind us, we can turn attention to the excitement of revenue cycle management.

One of the most remarkable statements I've seen in 2018 was a quote in the Foundation Medicine final investor report before it was wholly absorbed into Roche:
"Most of the commercial third party payors that reimburse us do so based upon CPT codes, or based on other methods such as percentages of charges or other formulas that, to our knowledge, are not specific to us and not made known to us." 
Pretty amazing financial facts for a company being bought for $2.4B !

Addressing rationale responses to the bizarre world of laboratory economics and claims processing, see a detailed article in CAP TODAY for October 2018 - "Revenue Cycle Services," here.   

The article focuses on one industry player, Telcor, but the pains are industry wide.   Good article.


Parts of the article reminded me of Jonathan Bush's 2014 book, "Where Does It Hurt," about founding the large company Athena Health based on building up software and rulebooks that understood the bizarre world of payer claims processing.  In October 2018, Athena's market cap was about $5B, revenue $1.2B.