Sunday, October 7, 2018

Very Brief Blog: $28M in All of Us Genomics Awards: Centers Span Coasts, Silicon Valley to Boston

On September 25, 2018, the NIH All-Of-Us program announced plans to sequence 1M genomes via initial funding at $28M to three genomics consortia.

The first brings together Boston's Partners Laboratory for Molecular Medicine, the Broad Institute, and Color Genomics in Silicon Valley. 

The second brings together Baylor, UT-Houston, and Johns Hopkins.

The third is run solo by University of Washington (Northwest Genomics Center). 

Click to enlarge.  Don't bother if you're in a flyover state.

  • See the NIH press release here.
  • See the Broad Institute press release here.
    • Color will analyze, interpret, and report results from the genomic data sequenced at Broad, working in collaboration with the Partners LMM, which will manage an expert team to address the most challenging genomic variants. 
  • Genomeweb here.
    • The funding announcement was issued in May 2018 (see technical Q&A here) with applications due in July 2018.
    • For a December 2017 report on what All of Us expected to be asking for (e.g. including its rising emphasis on exome/genome), here.
I'm not an expert on the greater Harvard system nomenclature, but my understanding is that Partners Lab for Molecular Medicine serves as a central germline clinical genetic center for Harvard-related hospitals.  According to Genomeweb, MLL director Heidi Reim "left for MGH's Center for Genomic Medicine" in August.


Collateral Ideas

If you're interested in All Of us collecting genetic and phenotypic data on huge numbers of people for future use, you might be interested in LunaDNA.  It's "the first people powered platform where you share data, advance science, and take part in the value created" and received $4M from Illumina Ventures (and others) in May 2018.  See a July 2018 article here. LunaDNA will be able to "issue company shares in exchange for genomic data," here.

If you're interested in Partners LMM as a cross-organizational hub for genetics in the diverse health system, you might be interested in the history of the MGH Pathology Department, where the chapters of a recent 300 page book are online as PDFs here.

For interests in The Broad Institute, a May 2018 podcast with Amalio Telenti (a pioneer in the area of molecular multi drug resistant bacteria) on his sabbatical at the Broad, here.