Friday, October 19, 2018

Very Brief Blog: New Medical Director at MolDx Program, Dr. Bien-Willner

This past summer, MolDx positioned a new medical director, Dr. Paul Gerrard (blog here).   Dr. Gerrard continues to work on MolDx issues, and MolDx has added a full time medical director, a molecular pathologist, Dr. Gabriel Bien-Willner.

Dr. Bien-Willner's Linked In page is here.   He started as MolDx medical director in September, 2018.   He became chairman of the molecular pathology practice, Bien Willner Physician Group (BWPG), in 2015.   He served as Executive Medical Director for Molecular Health GmBH from June 2014-May 2018.

Bien-Willner holds an MD-PhD from Baylor and completed his residency and molecular genetic pathology fellowship at Washington University.

See an interesting ten-page interview with Dr. Bien-Willner, conducted in November 2016, at American Journal of Managed Care, here.