Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Baker Tilly's Checklist for Medical Devices & Market-Facing Evidence

This week, MedCityNews runs an article on, "What can digital health companies learn from medical devices?" in terms of evidence and reimbursement success.  Here.

Inside that, find a link to a "Market Access Checklist" from Baker Tilly, presented as a one page PDF infographic.   Download it here.

While the checklist is commonsensical to reimbursement experts, it may be an eye opener to newer investors, CEO's, or board members.   Topics include:

  1. Clinical Evidence
  2. Economic Evidence
  3. Medical Society Guidelines
  4. Provider Communications
I would say....Yup.

Regarding communications, I ran across a quote from a 1976 booklet called "Thoughts of Jerry Brown."  Regarding the endless funding requests and justifications that crossed his desk as governor, he wrote:  "Even though they might be right, if they can't clearly state their case such that I can understand it, in the limits of time available, then I'm voting no.  That's my philosophy."   I'd suggest you assume the medical director at CMS or BCBS is thinking the same way.


Baker Tilly is a "full service accounting and advisory firm."  The cited MedCityNews articles is preparatory to a conference and features, among others, an interview with Baker Tilly's principal, David Gregory.  For his 2016 deck, "The Value Driven Provider," here.


If you enjoyed Baker Tilly's four-point evaluation program for market entry and reimbursement, consider these two posts.   The first is a "12 step program" for what VCs should consider when investing in healthcare technology.   The second is about medtech and payers.

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