Thursday, June 15, 2023

Brief Blog: Palmetto Updates Immunohistochem & Special Slides LCD (DL35922)

HEADER:  Palmetto has released a revised draft of its previously contentious immunohistochemistry policy, incorporating updates requested by stakeholders, now available for public comment until July 22nd.


While most of the attention in lab medicine goes to genomic test policies at different MACs, let's recall that some years ago a big new Palmetto policy for immunohistochemistry garnered a lot of attention and angst.

That policy is released in a revised draft now with some updates.   The draft is heavily edited or redlined relative to the prior 12/2022 version.  Find the PDF redline I created, in the cloud, here.

You can find the draft policy online for comment (45 days, to July 22), and be sure to see the two request letters (one from CAP) that asked for the updates.

Policy DL35922 here.   Ki67 request letter here.  CAP request letter here.  Redline (mine) here.

Regarding timelines for action, the CAP request letter is dated December 2021, about 18 months.