Thursday, June 8, 2023

Learning AI with Humorous Examples: A PhD Job Talk and GPT4

From time to time, I post examples of using AI outside of biotechnology and genomics.  Here is a whimsical one.

A Yale graduate student is doing her PhD on Mark Twain, specifically, the influence of Charles Dickens on Mark Twain.

  • GPT4 gives her help planning her thesis framework.
  • GPT4 gives her help planning her Orals Thesis Defense.
  • GPT4 gives her help planning her first job talk, at another college.
  • As a bonus, GPT4 helps her navigate some "difficult politics" at her new job.
I've set it up as a white paper.  Almost all the text (except prompts in red) are GPT4 AI text.  This includes the introductory summary, and includes a script at the end for a video.

Some of the issues are humorous, but the ability of GPT4 to assess a problem, write an explanation, and debate alternatives is real and can be applied to numerous other kinds of problems and challenges.