Thursday, January 19, 2023

Very Brief Blog: CGS MAC Posts Revision of "Histochemistry" LCD

 In new-and-revised LCD news, the CGS MAC has posted a revised LCD for histochemistry, for public comment.  

The revision, posted January 19, 2023, is based on a reconsideration letter from CAP in January 2022, which gives a benchmark for timelines.   (Earlier I posted an LCD revision request from Castle Bioscience which was dated about a year earlier than the corresponding revision.)  

The five-page CAP letter is here.   The proposed LCD should be here, DL35986.  Comment to March 5, 2023.

The LCD revised in response to the CAP letter, has no redline function, so you can't tell what they are, or are not, proposing to revise.  I made a redline of the current and proposed LCDs, and posted it in the cloud here.   

These multiple changes are briefly summarized as "synopsis of changes," stating, "The policy was updated to reflect new evidence regarding PharmDx Ki-67 test,  Lynch screening and prostate updates, Ki-67/MIB-1 for GI and thoracic sections, and IHC updates."


I believe this LCD was originally a MolDx work product and active at the four MolDx MACs.   However, MolDx MACs now collaborate only on DNA/RNA tests, so the histochemical LCD would no longer need to be in sync amonst the MolDx MACs.