Friday, January 20, 2023

A New White Paper: Liquid Biopsy for Comprehensive Profiling, Reimbursement and Coding

NEW 2023 White Paper on Liquid Biopsy CLICK HERE.


Background - My Spring 2022 White paper

Last spring, in March 2022, I had the chance to write a white paper about comprehensive genomic profiling, and why it should be the standard of care for a range of cancer patients.  I focused on the added value of tumor mutation burden and MSI testing, both highly relevant to checkpoint inhibitor therapy decisions.

New Trends During 2022

Over the year since that publication, there has been more and more interest in plasma biopsy for comprehensive genomic profiling.   The PLA rapid coding system has expanded to include a number of codes for plasma based CGP.   Earlier this winter, there was an important and detailed paper about the economics of plasma-based tumor genomics (Kramer et al.)   However, the coding system seems to be lagging.   New Category I codes have been introduced for RNA-specific CGP, but not yet for plasma-based CGP.   


My new white paper provides an update with recent publications on plasma-based CGP, including health economics.  I also review the status of PLA coding and Category I coding in some detail.   I argue it's time for bringing the coding system up-to-date.

Find the new liquid biopsy white paper in the cloud here.