Thursday, January 19, 2023

AMA Posts Winter Quarter 2023 PLA Code Proposals

AMA takes quarterly applications for PLA codes (proprietary laboratory analyses) and rapidy shepards them through a review committee and onward to a CPT panel vote to endorse them.

The PLA home page is here.  The January 2023 submissions, which are racing through the approval process and towards the February CPT meeting in San Diego, are here.

8 drug/metabolite panels are being deleted (0143U-150U) as well as a prostate multi marker FISH test 0053U.

There are about 18 new codes.  Several codes have ownership or lab name revisions.


The latests update PDF for finalized codes is here.  

These run 0355U-0386U, and this PDF tallies up the PLA codes too new to have been published in the CY2023 CPT code book.   With the codes under consideration, clearly the PLA series will exceed 400 codes for the April 1 release.