Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Very Brief Blog: Consolidation in Genomic Services: Pierian et al.

 An open access article at Genomeweb announces a merger in the genomic services space.

Pierian, Seven Bridges, and UgenTec will united under the new name, "Velsera."  The announcement was Day 4 of the JP Morgan conference (January 12, 2023).

According to Genomeweb,

  • St. Louis-based Pierian is a clinical genomics technology and services provider, while 
  • Boston-based Seven Bridges offers a scalable multi-cloud analytic platform, petabytes of connected biomedical data, and on-demand professional services. 
  • UgenTec, a Belgian firm with US offices, is a provider of software and AI solutions for laboratory workflow automation and testing result interpretation, including PCR data analysis and clinical-grade software solutions.
See also a detailed press release.  Financing supported through the fund "Summa Equity." Hans Cobben will chair the board of Velsera and is a partner in Summa Equity.

  • "Velsera transforms science, technology, and informatics into an ecosystem of insight, making data actionable through the integration of a rich software platform, deep domain expertise, and knowledge that accelerate the pace and potential of multi-omics. 
  • Velsera sets out to amplify the impact of clinicians, researchers and scientists for the benefit of patients around the world."