Thursday, January 5, 2023

Webinar from Rady: AI and Whole Genomes, January 25, 2023

Just saw an interesting advertisement for Rady Children's Institute Grand Rounds in Genomics, for January 25, 2023 (3 PT).  Topic is AI, Genomes, Electronic Health Records and the NICU by Mark Yandell PhD of Univ. Utah.

Find the registration here:

CME available.  Explained as:

  • The NICU is the first point of contact and frontline for the battle against human genetic disease. This seminar will inform you as to the scope and diversity of genetic disease in the NICU and will help you to better: 
  • Grasp the complexities engendered by ‘big data’ for rapid diagnosis of critically ill newborns, and why Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are needed for optimal use of today’s enormous online clinical resources.
  • Better understand key AI concepts such as explainability, transportability and Bayes factors, and why they are important.
  • Understand how clinic notes and accessory factors such as a newborn’s ancestry, consanguinity and sex are used for AI-assisted diagnosis.