Monday, October 4, 2021

MolDx Launches New Website, Integrates "DEX" Registry Better

Last summer, Palmetto GBA, which runs the MolDx program, took over the DEX registry (Z-code registry).   

This month, they've substantially updated the website with a new design, a more energetic look, and better functionality.

Start here at the website

In the blue boxes at right, if you click DEX REGISTRY, it takes you to the traditional DEX search site (search 14,000 tests).  That's here, but I don't think it's upgraded.

If you click MOLDX PROGRAM, it takes you to this page:

Note that 2 of the green box sequence are the same - Dex Test Registration, Tech Assessment - but General FAQ is replaced by "Coding and Billing Guidelines" in the green box on the right.  On the lower left, there's still a blue box for DEX, but new blue boxes for MAC LOGIN or MOLDX LCDs.  There's also a new "News" feed, this time, featuring a GI molecular test meeting on October 12.

There's a new Tech Assessment Forms inventory, with renamed forms, and a better two-column guide to what is useful, when.

File names have change; some of us (eeek) knew forms with names like "M00151" and "M00116" by heart, but they have new names like GEN-CQ-003 and GEN-PF-001.   "CQ" documents are either checklists or questionnaires ("Are you FDA approved?")   PF forms are "provider forms" (e.g. our limit of detection is .001).  


For a long time, MolDx ran on a mix of policy articles variably on the MolDx website, MAC websites, or the CMS article database.  It looks like policy and billing article links now refer the reader to the central CMS article database.   (Right now, links for "MolDx LCDs" and "MolDx Articles" seem to just dump me out at the general home page for the CMS article search engine.)

For news about Z codes and Medicare Advantage, here.