Friday, October 15, 2021

AMA Announces Review of 4th Quarter PLA Codes

 AMA takes applications for new PLA codes quarterly, and the committee votes on them after a brief period for public comment.   The codes proposals for October 2021 are up for review and the Editorial Panel will vote on them on November 4.


See the AMA home page for PLA codes here, and find "Public Agenda" (the codes) and "Register" (for the meeting.


The agenda notes that if you have interest in commenting on a code, please do so rapidly at the email address on the agenda.  Based on a separately posted calendar here, the "comment request deadline" is October 21 (Thursday), and based on instructions on the agenda form, comments must be turned around in 3 days.  Based on experience, I'd recommend seeing the agenda by Monday October 18 and filing a request by Tuesday October 19.

And What's Up?

There are 27 agenda items.  2 are deletions (2 PLA codes for Biofire panels) and four are edits.  That leaves 21 new PLA applications.