Thursday, October 14, 2021

News x 2: California Law for Biomarkers; Consensus Terminology for Precision Medicine

Two news items in the field of precision medicine policy this week.

California Law

In California, new law SB535 restricts insurers from using "prior authorization" to restrict the access of cancer patients to oncology biomarkers.  See an open-access article at Genomeweb, here.  The California bill follows earlier (but different) legislation in Illinois and Louisiana.   

Standards in Precision Medicine

After several years of work, Journal of Precision Oncology (sponsored by ASCO) publishes, "Adopting Consensus Terms for Testing in Precision Medicine," by Martin et al.  Many experts and organizations contributed to this consensus, led by Lungevity, a lung cancer foundation.  Find the open access paper here.   See a white paper about the project online here.