Sunday, October 31, 2021

Very Brief Blog: AMA CPT Publishes Decisions from Sept 2021 Editorial Meeting

The AMA CPT Editorial Panel meets three times a year, and a few weeks later publishes the results of the panel votes on new code proposals.  CPT has posted results of the September 29-30, 2021, meeting.

Find the website here and the September 2021 results here.  I tallied the category "rejected" 9 times, and they category "withdrawn" 20 times.   

For digital health, it was busy, but often with belly-flops..  A code for "digital behavioral therapy management" was withdrawn, and one for "health coaching."  A Category III code for "digital behavioral health interventions" was rejected as was a code for "Digital E&M Services."   A code for virtual reality therapy was withdarwn.

Lab Industry 

In the lab industry, a code for Tier 2 macular degeneration was withdrawn, as was a code for MAAA cutaneous melanoma.  A code for genomic sequencing for bone marrow failure (precursor to some leukemias) was accepted.   A code for genomic panel testing for pharmacogenetics was passed.  

Also in the lab industry, the three mainstay codes for 5-50 tumor gene panels and 50+ tumor gene panels were revised to include methods for either targeted RNA or targeted DNA testing (the current code was for both), while there were some revisions to the preamble text for these tumor gene panels.

Remote Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

AMA CPT now has several codes for remote physiological monitoring and for remote therapeutic monitoring.  They're adding an additional service type under remote therapeutic monitoring, for cognitive behavioral therapy.

Odds and Ends

Odds and ends occur.  A code for +15 minutes added to psychotherapy services, ratified at the February 2021 meeting, was rescinded at the September 2021 meeting.