Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Oxford Nanopore IPO Document

This past week, Oxford Nanopore had an IPO on the London Stock Exchange, which attracted numerous press articles.  E.g. The Economist here.   Motley Fool here.  Genomeweb here.  Reuters here.

Being a London IPO, it was a little harder to track down the 285-page prospectus document.  Cloud copy here. *   

Like all IPO documents, there are many listings of risks (we may fail to do X, we may fail to do Y).  Benefits are listed at page 93 forward and include the following:

  • Value proposition in genomics research
    • More than 2100 publications
  • High throughput genomics
  • Value proposition in public health, epidemiology
  • Clinical and translational research
    • Dark genome, immune system genes, large and small scale variation,etc
  • Segments include
    • Oncology, immunoprofiling, infectious disease,  microbiome, food safety
  • Commercial Strategy
    • Discussion follows (p. 98ff).
* (The 9/30 285 page version replaces a 9/9 229 page version that that I noticed here.)