Monday, September 21, 2020

Very Brief Blog: Next PLA Deadline October


PLA codes continue to grow - numbers up to have been assigned, and another couple dozen codes will be released at the end of September.   If you want to get on the PLA code bandwagon, the next AMA CPT deadline is October 1, 2020.   The AMA PLA committee will vote on the codes within a few weeks although the codes won't be released until around December 30.  See information on the application process from links in the main PLA web page here.  It's a short online application just a few paragraphs long.

In addition, on the main CPT PLA Codes Homepage here, CPT should release the results of a couple dozen new PLA codes in the July 1 quarterly cycle, around September 30.  Currently they're up to PLA code 226 (0226U), so the next batch will probably approach 0250U at the top end.


AMA CPT makes PLA codes on a quarterly calendar but they've been releasing COVID codes on a rapid basis, in a couple weeks.