Monday, January 21, 2019

Very Brief Blog: Two New Articles on Directions for CMMI in 2019

The Center for Innovation at CMS (CMMI) received some blistering criticism from Republicans before the 2016 election (here), underwent a freeze and reboot effort in 2017 (here), and is the centerpiece of Trump's proposal to peg US drug prices to European prices (here).*   Except, maybe, for being struck down with the whole of the ACA by  judge in Texas in December 2018 (here).  And GAO released a critical report, at least regarding CMMI's Obama era projects, in April 2018, here.

The new 2018 director of CMMI, Adam Boehler, had a pretty low profile until a few speeches around August 2018 (here).   

Two New Articles on CMMI

The trade journal Healthcare Informatics opens 2019 with two articles on potential directions for CMMI in CY2019, by Heather Landi, January 11, here, and by Mark Hagland, editor in chief, January 20, here.


* The Trump euro drug pricing idea is tied to the CMMI because CMMI allows the executive branch to waive any portion of CMS law for the purpose of a demonstration program, but doesn't place any restrictions on the size and duration of the demo program (e.g. it could be in 50 states for 100 years...)