Friday, January 4, 2019

Very Brief Blog: Two Big Digital Genomics, Digital Pathology Investments

Two news items on digital laboratory medicine -

$68M for Digital Pathology in UK

The December 24, 2018 Dark Report (subscription, but you can read 1 free article per month) reports that the UK is making a $68M investment in digital pathology, which will take the shape of five major regional centers (London and four other cities).   Here.

I haven't found a similar open access source (hey, you should subscribe to Dark Report), but a March 2018 article on teh rapid growth and high goals for digital pathology in UK is here.

UK also announced a ten year plan to boost digital health and sequencing; at New Scientist, here.

$77M For Digital Genomics: Sophia

In a second story, Swiss- and Boston-based Sophia Genetics raised a remarkable $77M for its digital genomics and bioinformatics services.  This brings its total funding to $140M.  See the press release here.  Sophia writes,
"The company combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing. Today, its universal platform, SOPHiA AI, is utilized by more than 850 hospitals across 77 countries and has already supported the diagnosis of over 300,000 patients. The platform enables healthcare professionals to make sense of complex genomic and radiomic data through advanced analysis in order to better diagnose and treat patients, both for oncology and hereditary disorders."


Footnotes and Updates

Also around January 1, 2019...

  Qiagen buys N-Of-One clinical bioinformatics service, here.

  Illumina and PierianDx ink multi year, non exclusive collaboration deal, here.


Last August, TEMPUS, which provides a genomics lab but strongly emphasizes its bioinformatics potential, raised $110M

For an open access 2018 article on software for somatic tumor variants, Tamborero in Genomic Medicine, here.