Thursday, January 24, 2019

Very Brief Blog: Book List CY2018

My fourth annual book list is out, for CY2018.


Discussed are:

Society and Politics
Dreamland. (Opioids in America).
Then They Came for Me: Martin Niemöller.  (German pastor, 1930s).
Hitler's American Friends.  (Pro-German politics in the US, 1930s).
The 2020 Commission.   (Look back on the nuclear war of 2020).
God's Bankers.  (Vatican finance, 1700s to 2000s).

Business, Medicine, Strategy
The Alchemy of Air.   (Discovery of nitrogen fixation; impact on war and agriculture)
The Tangled Field.  (Scientific sociology centered around geneticist Barbara McClintock).
Never Split the Difference.  (Negotiation from an FBI hostage expert).

Memoir and Fiction
Nothing to Be Afraid Of.  (Memoir, Julian Barnes).
Dear Los Angeles.  (Diaries and Letters about LA, 1700s-2010).
Living With Monks.   (Young business entrepreneur goes off the grid for a month)
Dear Committee Members.   (Parody of academics).

Brief Mention
   Farsighted (science author Steven Johnson).  
   The Judge Hunter (light novelist Christopher Buckley).
   Avoid Boring People (James Watson).
   The Square and the Tower.  (Vertical vs flat organization and management in business and society)

Also some off beat film tips for 2018.