Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Very Brief Blog: The Startup Health Festival in SF, Adjacent to JP Morgan

This morning I was having breakfast at 7 am adjacent to my SF office and I noticed banners for a "Startup Health Festival" - one of the conferences adjacent to JP Morgan this week.   The conference website says it was invitation-only and is sold out - from the venue, it looks like a pretty large event.

I've captured the 2019 conference website here, and in case it goes dark at some point, I put a PDF of the conference agenda and speakers in the cloud here

  • There's also a Startup + Health Magazine, here.

Top name speakers including Jill Biden, Sanjay Gupta, Bernard Tyson (CEO of Kaiser), and Esther Dyson.  There are high level government speakers as well like Mona Siddiqui, Chief Data Officer of HHS, and Lord Prior, Chair of NHS England.

There are many, many startups represented; additional large company speakers included Bertrand Bodson, Chief Digital Officer of Novartis, and Heather Bell, SVP of Global Digital at Sanofi.  Bell has an unusual resume, including a PhD in modern history from Oxford and ten years at McKinsey; she then managed international outreach strategies for Oxford.