Sunday, April 16, 2023

PLA Codes: This is a Busy Quarter

AMA has released applications for PLA codes, submitted April 6, 2023.  They'll be discussed in committee around APril 25 and finalized at the May 2023 AMA CPT meeting.   In the past, codes from this April cycle have been included quickly in the June/July CMS new code pricing meetings.  Interested parties can request the chance to comment up to April 21; see PDF.

Find the five-page PDF here;

There are circa 23 new codes, and some interesting deletions, such as the very recently created 0397U, Agilent Resolution ctDx First (109 genes) for ctDNA.  Envisage deletes its similarly recent Barrett's esophagus classifer.  

PreciseDx applies for an AI-based breast biopsy test with 8 digital/morphologic features.  See also an AI test from LungOI which seems to include whole slide imaging analysis with gene analysis (eg EGFR).  (Separately, see an article in Precision Oncology about intraoperative diagnosis with AI for brain tumors; here.)

Two centers apply for optical genome imaging.  I believe there's also an application in the regular CPT process for optical genome mapping for a non proprietary (Category I) code.

There's a plasma amyloid Alzheimer test, Precivity AD.