Thursday, April 13, 2023

Brief Blog: CMS Summer Lab Pricing Meetings for 2023: June 22, and July 19/20

 CMS has released announcement documents for the summer new lab test pricing meetings (aka "crosswalk, gapfill meetings").   

The public comment meeting will be June 22, a Thursday.    The expert advisory panel meetings will be July 19/20, a Wednesday/Thursday.

CMS should release an agenda, including all code names, at least 30 days ahead of June 22.

Find the preliminary announcements online at Federal Register here:

The June 22 meeting permanent announcement is here.  Presentations due by June 1.  Registration will be via email with a specific subject line (for commenters only).  Public streaming won't require registration.

The July 19/20 permanent announcement is here.  Stakeholders with codes are "standby speakers" who will answer questions if asked, and must pre-register (by email).  More details will appear about 2 weeks before the meeting.  


Last year there was a bit of a fuss over whether a code can be crosswalked to a code in the active gapfill process - answer, NO.   And whether a code can be crosswalked to an ADLT code.   For the latter, CMS has no rule against it, but you can't force CMS to pick an ADLT code as a crosswalk and if they are disinclined to do so, they simply won't.   Codes are stated to be crosswalked to, "existing test, multiple existing test codes, or a portion of an existing test code" which doesn't rule-out an ADLT code choice.