Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Hey, I'm On a Podcast !

I'm proud to be on Episode 12 of healthcare expert Rick Gannota's podcast, HEALTHCARE NATION.

I discuss the Medicare agency and innovation.

Find the website here:



Find the YouTube channel, which includes the video feed:



Or you should be able to access your on your favorite Podcast app under "Healthcare Nation."  (On my own podcast app, there were two Healthcare Nation channels, one more up to date than the other, FYI).

This is an AI summary from GPT4...
  • Dr. Bruce Quinn is a healthcare consultant with expertise in Medicare, business innovation, and federal health policy.
  • Healthcare innovation faces challenges in navigating Medicare and payment systems, with new technologies sometimes struggling to gain recognition and appropriate reimbursement.
  • The impact of technology on healthcare is significant, including advancements in telemedicine, remote care, genomics, and precision medicine, but startups must be mindful of the regulatory and payment landscape.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to revolutionize healthcare, but their true impact remains uncertain and faces regulatory hurdles.
  • Genomic testing, particularly for cancer screening and detection, is promising but faces payment and pricing challenges within the Medicare system.
A longer-format summary is here.