Monday, April 17, 2023

MolDx Updates Pharmacogenomics Tech Assessment Rules

Labs working with MOLDX must follow multiple levels of instructions:  An LCD, a billing article with the LCD, in some cases an FAQ document, and special and regularly updated Technical Assessment Forms, often in Excel format.  Sometimes the public comment Q&A that appeared with the original LCD can be insightful as to what they mean by various statements.

MolDx updates its Pharmacogenomics form, PGX PF 007, as of April 3, 2023.  They updated their general assessment form GEN CQM 003 Checklist, on February 3.

Note that the GEN Checklist doesn't have a change log, but the PGX document does.

Here are changes in the April 2023 PGX document, click to enlarge.

They've included a number of examples such as filling out the top row of a spreadsheet with sample data to give you the look-and-feel with sample data of what the column headers really mean.  In another case, they clarified that a certain column name expects a Y/N answer.

Click to enlarge.