Friday, March 10, 2023

Very Brief Blog: Silicon Valley Bank's Last Health Industry Innovation Reports

With the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank, I tracked down the link to their most recent health and life sciences innovation reports - for CY2022.  

In the past, fond memories of presentations of these reports year by year by SVB experts speaking at conferences.  John Norris - SVB Healthcare Lead - had a January 2023, 3 minute. intro/teaser video on YouTube for the 42-page CY2022 report, here.

See the home page for SVB reports:

(Click on the tab, Healthcare).

SVB/Healthcare Investments 2022 is a PDF of 42 pages, data-packed and well illustrated.

At the same page, HealthTech Innovation 2022 leads to a web-only view, slide by slide, with similar insights and data.

For more on SVB, see Foley Hoag here, Fierce Healthcare here.

SVP slide deck here.  January earnings call here.