Friday, March 17, 2023

Very Brief Blog; Concert Genetics Webinar on Health Plans and Genetics (March 22, 2023)

Here's the link for a Concert Genetics webinar on "How health plans are driving safety, accuracy, and affordability in genetic testing."  It will be at 11 pacific, 2 eastern, on Wednesday, March 22.

I've clipped the short description below.

  • For many health plans, genetic testing feels like a moving target. The landscape of laboratories, tests, coding, evidence, and guidelines is changing too rapidly to confidently manage. Meanwhile, the lack of clear data on quality and accuracy makes it difficult to recognize and reward labs offering high-value testing.
  • From the lab perspective, standing out in a crowded market can be equally challenging. Even the best labs have trouble differentiating their tests, while unsafe and even fraudulent labs operate in the shadows putting patients at risk.
  • In response to these challenges, some health plans are taking innovative steps. Leading plans are collecting quality information beyond CLIA certification and CAP accreditation, even requiring third-party validation of test accuracy. To manage costs and streamline operations, plans are requiring transparency up-front into how tests will be coded and billed. Steps like these are enabling more testing to be performed at high-quality labs at consistent rates.
  • In this webinar, health plan leaders will discuss how they are approaching this complex space, and what more is needed to improve quality and experience for members.

Discussants include Matt Fickie MD, Highmark; Troy Dickinson MBA, BCBS MN, and Christie Moore, MS CGC, Blue Shield CALIF.  

See the Video, Read the White Paper Series

Concert also has a two-part white paper series on genetics and health plans, entry point here. The two parts are 26pp, 18pp.