Friday, March 10, 2023

Brief Blog: Where to Find It: HHS Budget for FY2024 (169pp)

Each spring, the White House releases budget recommendations and plans for the government agencies, and by fall, it's up to Congress to decide what the appropriations laws will actually be.   

(For example, the President can "announce" a tax on billionaires, but it's entirely up to the Hill to actually pass it.)

Here's the 2024 executive branch budget proposal for HHS:

The HHS summary press release is here.

Medicare starts at page 66 (PDF page 62). While CMS isn't directly involved in Cancer Moonshot, page 75 aims to amp-up quality measures in oncology.  On the CMMI side, a diabetes prevention program has been on extended status as a pilot program, but would be made permanent, just like any other benefit.  A judicial proposal would allow more appeals (ALJ system) to be "on the record" rather than court.   Medicare would be part of a national program to "eliminate hepatitis C" in as much as these drugs would be copay-free.
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