Tuesday, March 21, 2023

SHORT POST: GPT4 Gives Advice for (1) A "Stuck" FDA Review, (2) A "Hostile" Medicare Coverage Challenge

Readers will have seen a number of recent blogs where I post real-life examples of GPT4 responses to Medicare policy questions. 

That series probably topped out by producing a 20-page white paper on Medicare & AI based on...interviewing the AI.

Here, I provide Google Doc Links to two more HHS examples. 

First, ChatGPT4 gives advice for a company whose 510(k) review has gotten bogged down with difficulties.


Second, Chat GPT gives advice for stakeholders who are fighting a policy that gives overly restrictive rules for a brain tumor therapy. It's fictionalized, but based on a real case. I also, for example, ask GPT to predict opposing attorneys' arguments, and our rebuttals to them.


Illustrations from CANVA