Sunday, March 5, 2023

Very Brief Blog / National Academies Genomic Oncology Workshop March 6-7, 2023

Just heard about an incredible-sounding two day workshop at National Academies in Washington, titled,  Incorporating Integrated Diagnostics into Precision Oncology Care: A Workshop.

It will livestream March 6-7, 2023, and I believe they normally post an archived video before too long.  National Academies workshops usually also produce a detailed summary as a 50-100 page book and ebook (in 6-12 months).

Check out the agenda and many other PDFs at the ink:

Scroll down the weblink above for a 4 page agenda, and a 46-page "briefing book" (mostly bios of panelists).  Slides are posted and they remark that videos will appear in about ten days (circa March 20).

Also via: