Thursday, March 30, 2023

Very Brief Blog; Keeping up with ARPA-H, the ARPA-H Dash

 Remember ARPA-H, the health innovation funding institute created by recent legislation?

It's running a contest called ARPA-H DASH.  Enter your idea for health care innovation, and it will be debated and ascend a giant bracket-format context to a winning position of $15,000.

Submit March 29-April 7.  Context runs April 17 to May 16.   That is, the winner will be announced on May16.

ARPA-H has four concentration areas:  

Read all about it:

To enter, you give a title, "the transformation you propose" (200 words), how it's done today (200 words), and your new approach (200 words).   Add a citation published after 1/1/2018.  Click the "submit" button.