Monday, December 5, 2022

MOLDX Updates FAQ for its Pathogen Policies

MOLDX in mid-2022 introduced a very elaborate set of policies for pathogen testing (with panels of different sizes; for different indications; for different classes of patients such as normal vs immunosuppressed).   See an OIG report on excessive pathogen billing (here).

On December 1, 2022, they have updated their FAQ for this policy, L38988.   (The  LCD is 9000 words long, excluding citations and before the 3000-word FAQ that explains the 9000 words.  Besides L38988, see its associated articles A58710, A59005, and any associated MolDx website technology assessment forms.)  

The FAQ has been updated in Question 3 (more about FDA tests), Question 6 (expanded) and added new sections 7-11, versus the June version.  MolDx does not highlight revisions, but I have done so in a cloud copy here.

In addition to updating the FAQ, they now provide a unique document called "Insufficient Literature for UTI Panels."   Apparently, different labs have resubmitted the same review or major publications on UTI molecular microbiology, that they have published a list of articles they are unimpressed by.  Also known as, please do not submit this publication to us again.  (This list [Index Prohibitorum] is currently 5 pages single-spaced and over 60 citations long.)

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