Monday, December 12, 2022

Very Brief Blog: Agenda, Registration for AMA CPT Feb 2-4, 2023, Meeting (San Diego)

 Registration is open for the AMA CPT meeting February 2-4, 2023, in San Diego.  An agenda for the full meeting has been released.  (The agenda for lab tests was released a few weeks ago due to their earlier comment cycle).  There are 42 agenda items.

Tab 11 is a re-vamp of the genomic coding for tumor specimens.

Home page

PDF of Agenda (Check for updates)

 It's possible to review agenda items and comment on them as a member of the public but the status as a commenter must be justified (e.g. clinician in the specialty, manufacturer of the technology).

QUOTE:  Upon review of this agenda, [someone who] believes that they may want to provide written comments on an application, the reviewer must seek Interested Party status by submitting a request form. The form requires identification of the potential Interested Party, a brief summary of the basis for the request (e.g., associated vendor/ industry representative), and signature of the confidentiality agreement and disclosure of interest forms.