Sunday, December 18, 2022

Very Brief Blog: ARHQ Draft Report on Pre-Eclampsia (Hypertension in Pregnancy)

 I've occasionally run across projects to develop better biomarkers for pre-eclampsia in pregnancy and for the risk of progression to  eclampsia.

AHQR is running a 2022/2023 topic on the project.  In March, they posted a project plan and took comment; the plan is still online.

In November 2022, they posted a 76 page draft report with a 150 page appendix, and they are taking public comment til January 10, 2023.

Biomarkers are not a focus at all.   Topics include (1) whether to use home blood pressure monitoring, (2) value of diuretics, (3) value of magnesium sulfate.

There are a couple very short passing remarks regarding biomarkers (to predict response to treatment, or, to predict seizures related to magnesium therapy, but blink and you'll miss these).  See a recent LANCET article on, "Clinical tools and biomarkers to predict preeclampsia," McDonald et al, PMID 34954654, open access, here.   Review articles like that apparently live on a different planet than the AHRQ scope of review.

I've put the half-dozen or so relevant documents in a cloud Zip file here.