Monday, December 5, 2022

Headline: ADVI Health Joins Forces with Sheridan Capital Partners

See the December 1, 2022 press release, "ADVI Health Joins Forces with Sheridan Capital Partners," here.

ADVI, founded as a separate firm in 2013 by Marc Samuels, is one of the best known privately-held HHS/CMS consulting firms in DC.  (ADVI also has other lines of business.)   In a press release, Samuels notes, "We are excited to partner with the team at Sheridan. Their exclusive focus on healthcare and deep investment expertise will allow us to invest further in our team and more quickly expand our solutions, products, and reach so that we can collaborate in new ways...." 

See ADVI's website here.  

The Sheridan private equity firm describes itself as, "Sheridan partners with companies in the verticals of providers and provider services, healthcare IT and outsourced services, and consumer health and medical products."

The deal follows by 18 months the acquisition of Boston Healthcare Associates by Veranex in June 2021.