Tuesday, December 20, 2022

ACLA Press Release Fights Negative Media re Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)

The year 2022 saw some negative press about prenatal circulating DNA screening tests, from New York Times on January 1, from ProPublica on December 6.

In April ACLA issued a short rebuttal linked to a more detailed 3 page PDF on NIPS.

Now on December 12, ACLA specifically addressed ProPublica concerns and labeled it "misleading information" that "fails to provide an up-to-date picture."  Find the new ACLA press release here.

The December ACLA comment makes 6 points:

  1. NIPS is a screening test (it is not a diagnostic test, it is used to trigger other tests).
  2. NIPS is a significant advance over the prior status quo.
  3. Use of testing is voluntary.
  4. Only health care providers can order NIPS.
  5. Laboratories that offer NIPS have high standards.
  6. ACLA is actively engaged in regulatory reform discussions on Capitol Hill.

It's a jump, but for comparison, you might see new Alz. Assoc. letters re evidence & validity to CMS, here.